Light my Fire

I keep hearing the voice of Jim Morrison and the music from his band,'The Doors' playing in my head as I watch the news bulletins from Iraq. All very Vietnam and the 'seventies' but that was another war and the explosions in Baghdad remind me of the 'Arc light' bombing raids of the time. The same aircraft quite possibly.

The Web Cam war continues and one wonders at times whether the agenda is being driven by CNN or by the Pentagon. There's a feeling that things aren't happening fast enough, all the technology but very little to show the viewers at the ringside.

Let's be honest, politics and weapons of mass destruction aside, this is Gladiatorial entertainment but in a digital arena still loosely resembling life. War has become an entertainment medium rather than a simple extension of foreign policy and this is what it looks like.

I wonder how it will finish? Baghdad by Monday? I have to do the 10:00 morning show on CNBC to speculate on Iraq after Saddam, wearing my 'arabist' hat and events could overtake before then.

Meanwhile, I can still hear the organ strains of 'Light my Fire'. Each war has it's own music and I wonder what we'll remember this one by?


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