The Keys to the Asylum

So let me see if I have understood this correctly? London authorities, such as Camden, are losing as much as £40,000 a week in 'lost' parking fines as a consequence of Ken's congestion charge. Your first reaction to this news would, I suspect, be something along the lines of 'Tough".

But wait. Fines and the law appear to have nothing in common anymore because the London authorities will now raise their parking fines to £100 in order to make up the shortfall caused by the congestion charge. After all, Westminster and Kensington rely on fining visiting motorists rather than poll tax revenues and the Mayor has muscled-in on their very profitable enforcement business.

So in Britain today, we have a situation where local government can arbitrarily adjust what is, after all, a legal sanction, to suit a commercial interest. The Sheriff of Nottingham himself couldn't have thought of such a thing in his wildest dreams but then eight hundred years ago, local government had some principles and at least, we had Magna Carta. Today, we have nothing to protect the citizen from the rapacious demands of local 'Sheriffs', not even a Robin Hood. We have no champion, no democracy, no principles and we have very little justice.

What do we have to celebrate in the Britain of the 21st century other than an endless tide of immigrants, government gone mad and an unceasing supply of political correctness?

Answers on a postcard please.


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