The Ides of March

I should be writing my next CW360 column for the coming week but can’t find the inspiration quite yet.

Reading 'The Last Days of Caesar' in the Sunday Times, I’m reminded that two years ago this morning, I was sitting on a low wall outside the original Senate House in the Forum Romana, thinking on how much and how little our world has changed since the fate of nations was decided in that very small and modest building.

In fact, it was a perfect day. No email, bright sunshine Italian food and no thoughts then of weapons of mass destruction, only an afternoon nap perhaps and a stroll around the Vatican with a friend.

I recall seeing an Internet survey a few years ago which indicated the further South one looks in Europe the less the Internet was used by the general population. Connectivity and infrastructure do of course play a vitally important role in this but the other factor is that people, outside office hours have better things to do with their lives and better weather in which to enjoy their time.

Here, beside the North Kent coast, it's blowing a gale and I should be working on plastering the walls of my 18th century money-pit but occasionally my mind wanders back to that day in the Forum and what it must have been like to live in a world where ambition had no boundaries and communications was limited only by the speed of the fastest horse.

Et Tu Gordon

As a footnote, I see that Tony Blair is buying an armour plated and gas-proof Jaguar for immediate delivery. Perhaps he fears that next week might yet bring him the same political fate as Julius Caesar. John Prescott as Mark Anthony and Gordon Brown acting-out the drama in the role of a modern Brutus perhaps but then the British economy is slowly collapsing around us and Gordon's fiscal star is waning rapidly.

If I were a betting man I would put money on Patricia Hewitt as the next leader of the Labour Party. Angels stepping in where fools fear to tread.


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