Who's Who in Cyberspace?

It’s called a ‘Googlism’ apparently and I stumbled across it quite by accident.

I’m referring of course to a novel ‘service’ which trawls Google to report on how any name, thing or event ranks in the Internet’s greater scheme of things.

That doesn’t sound right, so bear with me. Take me as an example and why not? I’ve been ‘Googled’ and so if I now proceed on an ego trip of planetary proportions and write my name, ‘Simon Moores’ in the box, then Google tells me that there’s only one person of any real consequence with that name on the planet, me, which isn't good news for the other Simon Moores' around, one an eminent physician and the other, a Christian fundamentalist with strong opinions that are likely to get the rest of us shot!

This certainly is not good for egos but the results may not be what one expects. Of course, I would like it to return: “Simon Moores is a well-respected technology guru, gifted, witty, good looking and kind to small children and animals”. But instead, it offers more mundane details, such as “Simon Moores is a Director of Zentelligence” and “"Simon Moores is a recognised expert on cybercrime"” and “Simon Moores is Chairman of the Research Group”. Not any more I’m not.

Worse still, my brother-in-law, as seen in Hello Magazine, is described as a “As one of TV's tastiest chefs”.

Try looking-up old girlfriends or your own name to see if you have made your mark in cyberspace yet. If not there’s always time, unless of course you happen to share the same name as somebody famous such as Tony Blair or even Osama Bin Laden, who apparently “Is alive and well and living in Utah”.

It’s also nice to know that I’ve invented a new expression, an ‘ology’ for the English language, as in “Cyberchology is an expression conceived of by Simon Moores to describe the pathology of hacking and cybercrime”.

For sheer curiosity value, this is a site to visit for definitions but from an ego perspective its bad news, promising either crushing disappointment or unbearable smugness and nothing in between.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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