Too Many Triffids

How many people I wonder, have been picked-up by speed cameras and fined by parking wardens in the last twelve months?

Thanks to the 'Traffic Taleban', I'm now the motoring equivalent of Dillinger, with another three points and a fine arriving this morning. Previously, my criminal record was three points in twenty years, so I'm making-up for lost time.

What worries me is that it's very hard to keep at or below an arbitrary speed limit on a motorcycle in the pitch darkness on an unlit road. Take your eyes off the road and you end-up in a ditch, so one normally takes a cue from the traffic ahead. What I do suspect, is that Kent Police are laying in the speed camera technology behind allegedly 'bogus' roadworks.

No workmen in sight, just abandoned cones on the sides of the road and absolutely no sensible reason to drop the speed limit from 70 to 40. Well that's my excuse anyway but is does strike me that we seem to have an awful lot of "permanent" roadworks with little or no sign of any work being carried-out, just more lurking speed cameras, like characters from 'Day of the Triffids', clawing in the money from hapless motorists caught unawares.

Same thing from parking attendants, who will quite happily walk on to private property to fine you these days. Westminster Council has yet to respond to my complaints and my digital camera evidence.For everyone else, it's your word against the parking attendant, a member of the parking Taleban, an agent of the council, who, according to one of my equally cynical friends in the Home Office, might well be a fleeing Rwandan machete murderer with a public sector job and a new uniform to go with it.

Sadly, there's no time for real justice these days only digital enforcement of the Road Traffic Act, which after all, can demonstrate a return on investment which fighting real crime simply can't hope to match.


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