Told You So

It's hard not to be smug where the London congestion charge is concerned. A week ago, the clever money was betting against Capita and their ability to deliver on the technology required to make the scheme work. I'm told as well that this is also one of Microsoft's largest .Net projects, so the embarrassment may well be contagious.

Let's be honest, did anyone working in the technology business seriously believe that Ken's congestion scheme could work smoothly, if at all from day one? No of course not and yet some slick salespeople convinced a collection of not so clever civil servants that a £100 million pounds or so would do the job.

Meanwhile for those who want to defeat those very expensive cameras, which we were told were infallible but aren't, the correct recipe is Vaseline mixed with cigarette ash and a spoonful of dirt, smeared liberally across your number plate. It's an old despatch-riders trick for dealing with speed cameras.


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