Three Kings

Keep saying it Tony, “Weapons of mass destruction” and don’t forget to mention, “Weapons of mass destruction” either.

Like you, perhaps, I was watching the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman last night on the BBC. The studio audio had been carefully chosen to reflect the nation’s median IQ and grasp of foreign politics and Paxman didn’t spare any punches, obviously quite prepared to wave goodbye to any dream of a knighthood under this government.

Were you convinced by the argument? I wasn’t and it became clear that the evidence for “Weapons of mass destruction” was rather thin on the ground, absence of evidence not being evidence of absence in the minds of Mr Bush or Mr Blair.

What I did notice though was the hint of a real worry below the surface, when the subject of terrorism was discussed. There is something, I suspect that the Prime Minister is not telling us, it doesn’t involve Iraq and it’s frightening him. This is quite possibly the risk of a terrorist attack on mainland Britain and this may be more likely, more of a clear and present danger than we might think it is.

Saddam Hussein claiming that he doesn’t have any “Weapons of mass destruction” is of course as credible as Michael Jackson denying that he has had plastic surgery but whether Iraq’s weapons are capable of deployment or simply represent a figment of Saddam’s disturbed imagination, like Hitler’s “Wonder weapons” are questions which need to be determined by the United Nations or we simply throw in the towel and leave America to play world policeman when it suits that country’s foreign policy to do so.

But time is running out and the troops are watching re-runs of “Three Kings”. I was in Kuwait in the middle of February last year and it was getting hot, very hot. The military option starts to expire in less than three weeks because it will simply be too hot to take preventative measures against the threat of chemical warfare. - try wearing a CNW suit in 45 degrees celsius - So sometime between 15th and 28th of February is my guess for an invasion. Anybody disagree?


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