Sunday Morning Cynic

Another Sunday Morning reading the Sunday Times. As I remarked the other day, the paper has a generous helping of public sector jobs in its 'Appointments' pages.

I still have to wonder who they expect to fill these £80,000 a year posts? Director of Research for the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) or Assistant Chair of the Police Complaints Commission (IPCC of which they need several at £50,000). I rather suspect that they know who they want for the jobs because I can't imagine the experience that could possibly fill many of the examples in the newspaper. I'm attempting to complete the IPCC application - and why not - have tried for several of the posts in the last few months out of interest and the application packs are daunting - 'show evidence of your commitment to diversity' - but who, I wonder, has the skills, available time and experience from the private sector to fill them. The (ODPM) research role alone has to be limited to a handful of people in the UK and my last application to the Office of the e-Envoy was never even acknowledged..

I have to conclude that its just more evidence of government throwing even more money at expensive job titles for those qualified to write even more reports or sit on even more politically correct and useless committees that tell us what we know already, the place is slowly falling apart.

Tell me I'm wrong someone. Please.


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