One Giant Leap

Technology gave us the Internet and in return, the Internet gave us Worms and Webcams.

Operation Ore revealed, as far as I can tell, the tip of a very large iceberg. While the police are still working through the credit card numbers of the seven thousand or so people, which included my mother-in-law’s doctor, who used their plastic as a pass to the sordid world of paedophile sex, there are many more who are worried by the prospect of a visit by the police.

Such people are desperate for news on how the investigation is proceeding and whether any more names or lists of names have been added to the thousands that the police are already sifting through. I can tell that they are, because this website tracks incoming referrals from the big search engines and the greater part of the last month’s traffic has involved Operation Ore.

Of course, you might say that this is legitimate searching for news on its progress and you might be right but then within this, a proportion of searches appear very interested in the names of the people involved and the websites they might have visited.

Pure speculation, maybe but given that I only wrote a small column on Operation Ore in the first place, there’s a remarkable volume of traffic coming through my front door, sadly with other searches, like those looking for decapitation footage of either the murder of Daniel Pearl or the “execution” of a young Russian soldier in Chechnya. I wrote about the horror of such things a year ago and Google of course throws up this site as a reference, which attracts those with a morbid interest in watching close-up footage of another human being having his head sawn of with a pocket knife.

What I wonder, will people be watching, one day in the not so distant future, when the Internet and television merge into a single device in the living room? Football, of course and a diet of Webcams, soaps and other images I would rather not think about this early in the day


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