No Free Ride

The actor Tom Conti summed it all up today, commenting on the congestion charge. "This country", he said, "Is run on a mix of penalty and impediment"; making things difficult for people and attempting to squeeze tax revenues out of them as a consequence.

Wimbledon to St James' Park on a motorcycle in twenty minutes this morning during the rush hour. Quite unheard of but then, there was hardly any traffic on the road, much like an early Sunday morning.

I'm assuming that everyone stayed home in protest rather than pay 'Red Ken's' congestion charge. either that or they took the Underground, which is why I decided to use the motorcycle, guessing that the unbearable situation on the trains could only be made worse by the introduction of the congestion charge.

I see that Alan Mather has taken me to task on his 'Blog', commenting on my 'Back to Basics" column. Well done Alan, without people like you, there would be very little in the way of intelligent debate on the issues or much progress towards the future either. He writes:

Can anyone then give me a successful example of any on-time, on-budget, large-scale government technology project?’ asked Simon Moores at a recent conference. Unsurprisingly no-one ventured to raise their hand. I’d say the odds were good that he’s get the same response if he’d left out the word “government”. Scope moves, costs change, things get put in, taken out and shaken about. That’s life in the world of project delivery. For something to come in on time, to the original requirement is indeed rare'.

I won't spoil it for you, so visit Alan's Blog and read on for yourself. More importantly, do you agree with him or with me or perhaps a little of both?

I do rather wonder if anyone at the top of government reads any of the comments by people like Alan and the others on the list of eGov thinkers. I would prefer to believe that they do and that they think on what is said and suggested rather than worry about the spin and image implications of criticism, however well-intentioned it might be.


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