The Great Escape

"Romeo and Ethel the pirate's daughter. In truth, I haven't written a word"

Not today anyway, as even I get time off for good behaviour and it's school half term, so that means decorating my house in Kent and a rare opportunity to take my daughter flying with a large soft-toy rabbit as a passenger.

Mind you, no escape in this connected world of ours. The Bloomberg morning radio show in New York tracked me down for comment on AOL - Time Warner and email still finds the Blackberry GPRS wireless device in my pocket. Worse still, I'm even writing this journal entry on my laptop!

Looking at my little aircraft this morning, the Cessna, not the Pitts, I consider it a great shame that the IT industry is so far down in the dumps. There was a time when Lotus Development (an IBM company) sponsored my bright yellow muscle biplane, "Superhuman Software" and Silverstream (a Novell company) sponsored my friend Denny Dobson's Extra 300. Those days have gone and your'e more likely to get marketing budget from an aluminium dealer than a software company these days.

So it's 'Bye bye' Pitts Special and 'Hello' Cessna 150, which is likely to increase my potential life expectancy considerably.

Mind you, someone once wrote - was it Richard Bach? - "You should never feel sorry for someone who owns an aeroplane" and he was probably thinking of me when he said it.


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