Your Last Chance to Comment on UK ID Card Proposal

With only a few weeks left in the UK government's "silent consultation" on the National ID card, the government is still publicly claiming that there is majority support for ID cards, so now is the time to register your concern.

Privacy International and STAND have joined forces to open the consultation fully to the public. You can prepare and send a response to the Home Office through STAND online. Alternatively, you can leave a phone message stating your views. Privacy International has set up two national rate numbers: in favour of the ID Card: 0845 330 7245, against the ID Card: 0845 330 7246.

Each message left on these lines will be converted to an audio file, and then e-mailed to the Home Office. The government has confirmed that these will be regarded as legitimate consultation responses. The consultation ends on January 31.

For more information visit Privacy International.


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