Yellow Card - Dark Continent

Saturday morning and more offers of "Crazy Sex" in my Hotmail account and begging mails from the the dark continent. One of the latter, from a Mr Jaja Kabila, who claims to be the "former Chief Weapons Procurement Director in the Revolutionary Armed Movement of the Republic of Congo", is more entertaining than the others. He writes:

"But what is not common knowledge is that I moved in here (Ghana) with a huge fortune; the last vote for the acquisition of medium range mortars and assorted weapons/ammunitions was left intact in my custody; the amount was USD21 million; This amount was stored in a huge iron chest, and I moved in here with the chest, along with my personal effects; I kept it securely in my basement underground cellar, and decided to wait…The money, total USD21 million, all in 100 Dollar bills is still intact"!

Mr Kabila in happier times

Visions of a large iron chest being smuggled out of the Congo on the back of a beaten-up truck. Somehow, I'm sceptical!

What had occurred to me this morning, was to start a whole new 'Blog' to cover the "401 Fraud" which this represents. I could post the email addresses and the letters of Mr Kabila and many more alleged brothers, sisters, wives and mothers of African politicians, despots and bank managers on a single site and then people could choose which they would most like to be defrauded by. Ironically, JAZZ(FM) read one of these out on air yesterday morning and warned listeners that it was rather too good to be true. But still, as the high-tech crime unit tells me, a handul of people fall for this fraud every year, so it's entirely worthwhile for the likes of Mr Kabila and others like him.

But an iron chest stuffed-full of $100 bills. I ask you? However, if you happen to be interested in Mr Kabila's offer, do email him and if you prefer the 'Crazy Sex', then try 'Raunchy Rachel' on Hotmail unless she's found your inbox address already!

Breaking News - Jaja Kabila reunited with long lost relative in need of large iron chest

I am Laurent Mpeti Kabila (Jnr) the second son of Late President LAURENT DESIRE KABILA the immediate Past president of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa ,who was murdered by his opposition through his personal bodyguards in his bedroom on Tuesday 16th January, 2001.

I have the privilege of being mandated by my father colleagues to seek your immediate and urgent co-operation to receive into your bank account the sum of US $10,000,000(ten million Dollars) and some thousands carats of Diamond.presently, i am with the nederlands government seeking for political asylum. This money and treasures was lodged in a vault with a security firm in the Nederlands


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