A World of Pain

It's true. Windows XP can crash and burn as badly or worse as any of its predecessors. I'm sitting in a world of pain here this afternoon. The Windows XP Professional installation on my HP Omnibook laptop decided to crash this morning with a "Page fault" error and subsequently refuses to go any further, beyond winking at me contemptuously, while I beg a very helpful but baffled Microsoft team for help over the phone.

In almost twenty years of working in the industry I have never experienced a 'Crash' as bad as this one, which defies every effort to repair the system or even re-install XP. The end result, is that the laptop will have to be rushed over to the Microsoft Campus in the back of an ambulance for a life saving operation. Who is to say where the problem lies, is it the Operating System or a chronic hardware failure which doesn't show in the diagnostics program?

The moral of the story? Have at least two PCs and make sure they are up-to-date mirror images of each other. Don't believe for one moment that Windows XP, which is certainly more reliable than its predecessors, is infallible. Because the bigger they are, the harder they fall, a proverb which applies as much to oversize Operating Systems as overweight playground bullies!

Watch this space for patient bulletins


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