It's official, there's nothing interesting happening today, other than the snow causing complete chaos on the District Line, leaving me trapped outside Earls Court for an hour or what felt like most of the morning.

Apparently, London Underground's signaling software 'froze' overnight. Being Open Source, engineers took the expression literally and allegedly left the Server unit open to the elements outside the Earls Court signal box.

London Underground had, I'm told, previously considered a Windows-based solution but found that this froze much too frequently and in the summer months as well and so Linux, with it's penguin logo and it's built-in anti-freeze reputation, had a certain attraction. But in this case, it was caught out by the wrong kind of snow and as a consequence, much of our great capital ground to a predictably miserable halt this morning while unhappy commuters waited for the points to thaw and the trains to start running.


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