We Scare Because We Care

Not so long ago, I was asked by Spiked to join Charles Leadbetter of the No10 Policy Unit and Professor James Woudhuysen on the panel for a debate on the future of eDemocracy.

Charles, a prolific writer, has recently published a new book, 'Up the Down Escalator' and the two share a talent for debate that I envy. That evening, James quipped that "Self organising can drive you blind".

Professor James Woudhuysen

I've just noticed that the event's organiser, Sandy Starr, has written an article for Spiked-Online on making the Internet a safe place for children, a serious topic and one that is now attracting considerable attention from government.

As a matter of interest, I have attached a link to to his examination of this pressing social problem, where he writes:

"The government's approach also underestimates the capacity of parents to supervise their children as they see fit. There seems to be an assumption that parents are incapable of instructing their children to behave sensibly in different circumstances".


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