Sixty Second Democracy

February 17th - Use the Internet to alter the course of history and resurrect the spirit of democracy in Britain

The Home Secretary this week described the British public as a “coiled spring” and the government’s own technology programme has unwittingly provided the people of this country with the means of peacefully protesting their concerns in sixty seconds on a single day, next month February 17th the day the London congestion charge comes into effect.

Over 45 million people and nineteen million households in the UK are now connected to the Internet and for those that are not, there are six thousand ‘UK-Online’ centres in libraries, post offices and schools around the country.

Talk to any person in the street and you are likely to discover that he or she is unhappy or even disgusted and dismayed at the unhappy state of the country we live in.

Crime, Immigration policy, stealth taxes, political correctness, pensions, the health service, parking wardens, education, the trains and perhaps worst of all, the imminent prospect of an unprovoked war with Iraq, without a mandate from Parliament or the people of the UK

At midday on February 17th, I’m asking anyone who is worried by spiralling services or any one or all of the items mentioned above, to create the largest single protest in history of democracy. Stop work for one minute. If you are driving turn your headlights on and/.or sound your horn twice and if you have access to the Internet, send an email, expressing your concerns to

This protest can work and perhaps it might even change the course of history. All you need do is two send two copies of this message to a friend, asking them to pass it on to a further two friends if they agree with it. This simple step can potentially cover the UK’s 45 million email users within a few days. Nothing more is required from you until 12:00 on February 17th arrives.

At the very least, the sending of email alone may have a significant and symbolic impact on the government’s secure network and sixty seconds of ‘lost’ productivity is justified in the circumstances.

This is Sixty Second Democracy in action. The first real chance in many years for the people of Britain to make a difference and show government that it was elected to represent the will of the nation and that the people would like to remind them that we still live in a democracy.

Please pass this to two friends today.
Thank you


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