Long Live the Revolution

Is it just me or do other people feel a sense of outrage after reading the Sunday Papers?

New technology gone mad. Twenty-four hour traffic wardens, armed with PDAs, rolling-out to a town near you and Westminster Council now making more from parking fines than it does from the poll tax. To 'cap' it all, Capita, that outsourcing darling of the public sector, is about to make an estimated £28 million a year for operating London's so-called 'congestion charging' system on behalf of 'Red Ken', our great city's much loved Mayor and the force that once lay behind the hugely wasteful GLC and its left-wing fight to the death with Margaret Thatcher.

Of course, there's worse than this, the everyday risk of a nuclear weapon exploding in Knightsbridge or being shot in the head, for unintentionally 'Dissing' one of the hooded youths hanging around the cashpoint outside the station at the bottom of the hill. Where does it all end I wonder? In more traffic wardens I suspect.

Anyway, to fool the technology and to express one's protest, I recommend that any motorist driving into London after 1st February, sprays shaving cream on his number plate to see how good Capita's congestion cameras are. If one million drivers do this from day one, as an expression of protest, then perhaps and only perhaps, increasingly rapacious local government will realise, that there come a point where leveraging new technology to raise the tax burden on the citizen becomes unacceptable.


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