Going-up - Falling Down

More of a short story today. The Blogger Website has been unavailable and I'm assuming this is a result of SQL-Slammer continuing to wreak havoc, much to Microsoft's embarrasment on the first anniversary of 'Trustworthy Computing'.

Slammer appears to have hit much harder than anyone first expected and the cleaning-up operation could continue into the weekend. Meanwhile, this is my fourth and final attempt to complete this entry before the Web site dies with a flood of SQL error messages.

One reader of my CW360 column writes: "Apathy may be the cause of a certain percentage of the unpatched SQL Server boxes. However, IT understaffing and fear of managerial reprisals for patching a production SQL Server installation and taking it out of commission are more likely to be the culprits for Slammer infections"

An interesting view that hadn't occurred to me before.

I need to collect my thoughts around eGovernment once more. Yesterday was a struggle getting home on the underground. Not only was the Central Line dead but the District Line also faltered. We may lead the world in the development of 'Transactional' eGovernment but in sharp contrast, government can't even make the trains run, not just on time, but at all in some places...!

There's a curious irony at work here. London, one of world's greatest cities is crumbling into a third-world chaos and disrepair and yet, we somehow expect our huge eGovernment programme to have a transformative effect on our society? It's a wonderful dream but I'd gladly sacrifice cheap Broadband if I could find a regular, reliable and clean train, find a spot to park my motorcycle or simply see our soldiers provided with the proper boots before we send them off to whistle the 'Star-spangled Banner'.

And before you ask. No I'm not a left-wing Guardian reader but as the philosopher Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living".


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