Seven Days

To Christmas that is and most of my own shopping has been done over the Internet this year, including the large cuddly Timber Wolf for my small daughter from FolkManis in Germany. In return, rumour has it that said small daughter has noticed that her doting middle-aged father is smitten by the lovely Sophie Ellis Bextor. Of course I'm fickle, it was Dido last year and an angel from Surrey the year before. I'm reliably informed that an Amazon-sourced CD could well be among the pile of presents under the Christmas tree next week.

One interesting observation, is that according to my wife, none of the school mothers she knows, are risking a trip into central London with their childen this year for fear of a terrorist incident. Is it just the middle-class mums of Wimbledon who feel this way or is the worry - with a possible war with Iraq now only weeks away - more pervasive than we realise?


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