Praise Indeed.

Alan Mather, the Office of the e-Envoy's Chief Executive (eDelivery) writes in his own very entertaining Weblog:

"If we were to setup a forum that had Phil Windley with his views on authentication, Dave Winer with his technology ideas (and developments in RSS), Jon Udell just because he knows lots of stuff, John Gotze because he set up the first government-related weblog and also because he understands the issues that face government, Simon Moores because he's been around the block on this stuff for a while, James Crabtree and Bill Thompson because they are Vox Politics and probably Vox People. And there are others too I am sure. So if we put them all in a "room", virtual or otherwise, and had them map out the things that are needed to deliver services that have the features that I outlined above, could we solve all of the problems that we face, deliver services that people want and see, finally, transformed government? Just a thought".

Being at the painfully sharp end of the eGovernment agenda in the UK, Alan's Web diary is one of the best places to visit, if it's insight into eGovernment that you are searching for. There are, I'm sure, some of Alan's colleagues and a couple of No10 advisors who might rather see my head 'On the Block' than around it! Still, I'm flattered to be mentioned in such distinguished company and must echo Alan's sentiments with my own thoughts, that if government was a little more imaginative and less political, we might achieve rather more, rather more quickly and with rather more impact.


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