A Posteriori

I have writer's block, quite possibly because I haven't had a cup of coffee yet.

It was Samuel Johnson who said "No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money" and I have to admit that keeping the journal up to date and attempting to be witty on a Saturday morning can be a struggle!

Yesterday, I had my first experience of Windows XP (SP1) crashing, not once but several times. Now XP is not supposed to crash, its the product's unique selling point but I can tell you that it does and it can - corrupting the Registry in the process - and I haven't quite worked out why, because I haven't added or removed any software or hardware.

Another word to the wise is that's Symantec's very good personal firewall AKA, Norton Internet Security, blocks the 'Windows Update' feature in XP and does other strange things, such as preventing the editing of Blogger templates. Microsoft are aware of this, as are Symantec and at this time, Norton Internet Security and Windows XP on Service Pack (1) appear to be mutually exclusive, unless you plan to have hours of fun, as I have done, proving that there is a problem between the two that needs urgent resolution.


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