No Turkey, Only Spam

"It is a very sad thing that nowadays, there is so little useless information"
Oscar Wilde

You might have though that Xmas day would offer some relief from the relentless plague of Spam but no, the usual offers of mortgages, loans, unusual sexual accessories and one email from someone called 'Niresh' who keeps trying to send me a virus; it is the season of goodwill after all.

The Christian world is grinding to a festive halt under the weight of turkey and Christmas pudding. All that is except that is for the business programmes on CNBC and Bloomberg which find themselves competing with 'Rudolph the Red' Nosed Reindeer and 'The King's New Beard' for an audience.

I have to admit, I did feel desparately sorry for my friends, anchors Emma and Geoff on CNBC this morning and even sorrier for anyone else who might be watching a business programme at 11:00 on Xmas day.

Time to return to the adventures of Rudolph, my drink and let the Internet look after itself.


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