Merry Christmas One & All

A very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead for all my friends and readers everywhere.

Outside frantic last minute shoppers are stumbling around, mostly men, wearing a hunted look on their faces, reflecting a sudden ghastly realisation that Christmas Day is only hours away and they haven't any clear idea what gifts they should buy their wives or girlfriends. Buying gifts for women can be a risky exercise at he best of times, avoid clothes because this involves guessing at sizes but diamonds and Chanel handbags are always welcome if all else fails!

I can still vaguely recall the first presents I ever bought with my own money. I can't have been much older than eight and venturing into the village where we lived, I bought my parents a newspaper and a custard pie. I think I ate the pie on the way home but it's the thought that counts!

As I write this, I'm suddenly reminded that my parents used to take me around to all the Christmas parties when I was in my early teens, to perform card tricks. I must have been been a budding David Blaine because while other, played football, I was reading 'Scarne on Cards" or playing chess. Not quite sure what happened to the magic career but more likely I discovered girls at the wrong time.

My seven year old daughter is presently attempting to staple a festive pair of plastic reindeer antlers on to the head of her pet hamster and a list of demands is already pinned to her bunk bed for Santa to find when he arrives in the early hours of tomorrow. A plate of carrots ( for the reindeer) a mince pie and large scotch should encourage his generosity.

I think I was close to being rumbled this morning when my daughter asked if I had posted the 'Santagram' she received on Saturday. "Of course not" I said, quite truthfully. I hadn't and in fact, thanks to the Internet, I managed to send a number of Santagrams out without having to leave my desk and much of my Christmas shopping has been done that way. This year will set a new record for seasonal shopping over the Internet, over a £1 Billion, so it's good news if you happen to be and not so great if you happen to be a turkey, a choice of meal which is apparently going out of fashion and being replaced by Lobster of all things. How you carve a Christmas Lobster up between a large family is anyone's guess!

Have a great Christmas holiday everyone.


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