House Rules

I was asked into Portcullis House yesterday to meet the researcher for Chris Grayling (Conservative MP -Epsom & Ewell). It appears that my comments on NHS procurement in the Guardian and CW360 have stimulated some interest from the party in opposition and so I was asked for a view on the procurement process as it exists today.

We might now have an NHS IT Czar but we have a long way to go, I believe, before the procurement process is properly reformed and achieves the transparency that might reasonably be demanded of it. There are too many powerful interests competing for astronomical sums of taxpayers money and for projects, that at times, appear to offer relatively poor value.

Any small effort to find a spark of optimism is invariably dashed when I remember government's insistence on building the The Dome, against all reasonable argument. Does anyone really believe that better and more expensive IT will reform a chronically sick National Health Service? If you do, please tell me why because I'm lost for answers myself.


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